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EAV Food Intolerance Test (45% OFF)
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This non-invasive test may help you find out the source of constant fatigue, upset stomach or headaches. Determine how your body responds to 200 different food and environmental items. Finding your incompatible foods can help you feel better and lose weight.

What's Included

Eav Food Intolerance Test

  • Consultation
  • Intolerance/Sensitivity Food Elements or Substance
  • Clients can find out about up to 200 different elements or substances that they're susceptible to (eg. fabrics / nylon etc.).
  • Duration 1hr 15 minutes
  • Personalised food detox plan


Food Intolerance Check is an innovative Electro-acupuncture Tool for the quick and effective detection of food and element intolerance.

It is based on an advanced Bio Energetic technology that marries a multi-millennial medicine, diagnostic acupuncture (EAV).

Electro-acupuncture (EAV) was developed in Germany by a team of engineers guided by Doctor Reinhold Voll and it is widely used since 1958 throughout Europe by over 25,000 medical practitioners.

The test is a safe and painless screening method, is not invasive (blood sample not needed) therefore can be performed on all individuals, including children (from 6 years old), with the exception of pregnant women and pacemaker holders.

The Device, basically works with the memorization of foods and substances radio frequency present it its circuit and with the record of every electrical skin reaction to them.

The device generates a safe electric current, in this way the electrode (pressed against the finger) captures the energetic information and the electromagnetic activity of the acupuncture point.

The device than collects all the information present in the large intestine of the customer and the results will be ready at the end of the session.

The method, allow us to get both the quantitative indication and the presence of food intolerance.

▶ Test duration: 1hr 15 minutes

▶ Food tested: over 200 (dairy, meats, fish, plants, dusts, fruits, preservatives…etc.)

Terms & Conditions

  • Each coupon is valid for 1 test for 1 person
  • Coupon is redeemable 2 months from the date of purchase from wednesday 11th September onwards
  • After buying your coupon booking is required on 77097398 specifying your coupon number
  • You pay €3.75 when buying the deal online and €32 when redeeming your coupon

Food Intolerance Check


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