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How it works!

How Works: A Simple Guide for Customers

Introduction is Malta's premier destination for discovering daily deals across a wide range of categories. From dining and wellness to travel and activities, this platform offers an easy and flexible way to enjoy Malta's best at discounted prices. Here's a straightforward guide on how to navigate and make the most out of

Step 1: Explore and Select Your Deal

  • Discover Deals: Browse through various categories like food, activities, hotels, and more on
  • Variety of Deals: Deals come in three types – fully paid online (giftable), part-paid, or coupon deals offering a percentage discount.

Step 2: Purchase Your Deal

  • Buying a Deal: Once you choose a deal, you can purchase it directly on the website. Payment can be made online, providing a hassle-free experience.
  • Receiving Your Coupon: After purchase, you’ll receive a coupon via email and/or SMS. This coupon contains a QR code, which you’ll use at the partner establishment.

Step 3: Booking and Using Your Deal

  • Flexible Booking: Many deals offer the option to book online. When you buy a deal, you're not fixing a date but securing the deal price, which can be used until the coupon's expiry.
  • Gift Options: Deals can be bought for yourself or as a gift. Giftable deals can be sent as a digital gift card or a physical card with a personalized message through the post.
  • Booking Instructions: Your coupon will include instructions on how to book your experience, often directly through the coupon itself.
  • Changing Dates: If a booking is rejected, the coupon remains valid for a different booking date.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Experience

  • Using the Coupon: Present the QR code on your coupon at the partner establishment to enjoy your deal.
  • Coupon Validity: The coupon is considered used only after its QR code is scanned by the merchant.

Additional Tips

Conclusion offers an accessible, flexible way to explore the best of Malta at great prices. Whether you're planning a special dinner, a weekend getaway, or a fun activity, this platform makes it simple and affordable. Remember to read the terms for each deal and enjoy the diverse offerings that Malta has to offer!