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Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma Course
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Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma Course by Centre of Excellence Online - This fully certified and comprehensive CBT Diploma course will teach you a wide range of CBT techniques to help you to identify any of your own thoughts and behaviours that may be limiting your progress in life and to help you to help others to do the same.

What's Included

  • This course will take you from a complete beginner in CBT to Diploma level and will take you up to 200 hours to complete from home.
  • There is no time limit for completing the course it can be studied in your own time at your own pace.
  • This course includes full tutor support. Our friendly course advisors are available via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions that you might have.
  • Completed coursework can be delivered via email
  • The course is fully certified via the IANLPC, upon completion of the course assessment you will receive 3 CBT Diploma certificates from the IANLPC, the IAHT and Centre of Excellence. Your CBT Diploma certificate will enable you to work as a registered practitioner
  • The student will receive three certificates-one from the Centre of Excellence online, one from the IAHT and one from the IANLPC
  • Accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). Upon completion of the course the student will be able to gain membership to the CMA and then receive their professional accreditation.

Course Contents:
1 What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?
1.1 History of cognitive psychology
1.2 History of behavioural psychology
1.3 Assessment
2 Human Emotions
2.1 The biological component of emotion
2.2 Expression of emotion
2.3 Assessment
3 Levels of Change
3.1 Motivation to change
3.2 Assessment
4 Counselling Skills 1
4.1 Characteristics of effective helpers
4.2 Basic counselling skills
4.3 Assessment
5 Counselling Skills 2
5.1 The counselling process
5.2 Assessment
6 Counselling Skills 3
6.1 Professional boundaries
6.2 Professional supervision
6.3 Ethical codes
6.4 Burnout
6.5 Assessment
7 Counselling Approaches
7.1 Development psychology
7.2 Psychotherapy
7.3 Humanism
7.4 Assessment
8 Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Principles
8.1 Characteristics of CBT
8.2 Irrational belief patterns
8.3 The ABC model
8.4 Assessment
9 Planning a CBT session
9.1 Homework
9.2 Assessment
10 Basic Cognitive Behaviour Techniques
10.1 Automatic thoughts
10.2 Altering cognitive distortions
10.3 Assessment
11 CBT Techniques Continued
11.1 Thought stopping
11.2 Challenging core beliefs
11.3 Assessment
12 CBT Applications: Depression
12.1 Immobilisation
12.2 Assessment
13 CBT Applications: Anxiety
13.1 Relaxation
13.2 Assessment
14 CBT Applications: Phobias
14.1 Systematic Desensitisation
14.2 Assessment
15 CBT Applications: Insomnia
15.1 Sleep hygiene
15.2 Sleep diary
15.3 Sleep restriction method
15.4 Cognitive restructuring
15.5 Assessment
16 CBT Applications: Anger Management
16.1 Anger Control
16.2 Assessment
17 CBT Variations: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
17.1 Assessment
18 CBT Variations: Solution Focussed Brief Therapy (SFBT)
18.1 Assessment
19 Case Study 1
20 Case Study 2


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that is commonly used to help people understand the thoughts and feelings that influence their behaviours. CBT, is the therapy of choice for medical practitioners referring patients that are struggling with certain destructive behaviours. It is a well recognised system of training a patient to identify and reconstruct certain negative thought processes which may be affecting their lives. It is commonly used to treat a wide range of disorders, including depression, addictions, anxiety and phobias.

CBT is an extremely valuable tool which is very highly regarded not only by mental health consumers but also medical providers too. One of the main reasons is it is such a popular therapy, apart from its convincing results, is the fact treatment tends to be over a very short term and focused on a specific problem. This makes it very accessible at a cost which people can afford.

Our CBT training will teach you:

  • How CBT fits into the healing framework
  • How to identify your own negative thought processes and how to construct more positive ones
  • How to use these powerful CBT techniques with yourself and others
  • An understanding of people’s needs to hide their own feelings and desires from themselves
  • Counselling and psychotherapy skills
  • How to identify more difficult problems and the pathway of referral

This fully certified and comprehensive CBT Diploma course will teach you a wide range of CBT techniques to help you to identify any of your own thoughts and behaviours that may be limiting your progress in life and to help you to help others to do the same. Once qualified you will be able to  see patients face to face or work with patients via email, skype or telephone.

Terms & Conditions

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