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50% OFF your food bill at Propaganda Bistrot, Marsascala!
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Choose from a variety of delicious dishes and get 50% OFF your food bill at Propaganda bistro, Marsascala!

What's Included

Bruschetta classica (Pomodori freschi con basilico e cipolla)
Classic bruschetta (fresh tomatoes with basil and onions)



Le bruschette alle quattro salse (funghi, gorgonzola e peperoni, pomodori freschi con basilico e cipolla, pesto)
Bruschetta with four sauces (mushroom, gorgonzola and pepper, fresh tomatoes with basil and onions, pesto) €9.50 €4.75
Tagliere di formaggio artiginale
Platter of artisanal cheeses €10.90 €5.45
Prosciutto crudo di Parma e mozzarella di bufala
Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella €9.90 €4.95
Formaggi pregiati e fantastiche marmellate/miele
Fine cheeses and fantastic marmalade/honey €11.90 €5.95
Cozze alla vecchia Venezia
Mussels of the old Venice €10.00 €5.00
Gamberi con pastella siciliana
King prawns in Sicilian batter €15.90 €7.95
Tagliere di salumi artiginale
Platter of artisanal salamis €13.90 €6.95
Fantasia (assaggi di formaggi farciti)
Fantasy (platter of cheeses with various fillings) €13.90 €6.95
Calamaro fritto 



Deep fried squid




Insalata mista fresca
Fresh mixed salad €5.00 €2.50
Insalata Cesare con pollo alla griglia (insalata mista fresca, petto di pollo grigliato, salsa della casa)
Caesar salad with grilled chicken (fresh mixed salad, grilled chicken breast, house sauce) €9.50 €4.75
Insalata Nerone con manzo alla griglia (insalata mista fresca, angus grigliato, salsa della casa)
Nerone salad with grilled beef (fresh mixed salad, grilled angus, house sauce) €10.50 €5.25
Insalata Bizantina (insalata mista fresca, formaggi freschi siciliani, pomodori secchi, olive, salsa della casa)
Byzantine salad (fresh mixed salad, fresh Sicilian cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, house sauce) €9.50 €4.75
Insalata al salmone (insalata mista fresca, salmone affumicato, salsa della casa)
Salmon salad (fresh mixed salad, smoked salmon, house sauce) €9.50 €4.75
Insalata Caprese (mozzarella di bufala, pomodori freschi, salsa al basilico)
Capri salad (buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil sauce) €8.50 €4.25
Insalata al tonno (insalata mista fresca, tonno, mais, uovo)
Tuna salad (fresh mixed salad, tuna, corn, egg) €9.50 €4.75
Zuppa di piselli
Pea soup €5.00 €2.50
Zuppa di verdure
Vegetable soup €5.00 €2.50
Zuppa di zucca
Pumpkin soup €5.00 €2.50
Zuppa di ceci
Chickpea soup €6.00 €3.00
Lentil stew €6.00 €3.00
Risotti - Pasta - Gnocchi
Risotto - Pasta - Gnocchi
Tagliolini con ragù alla bolognese
Tagliolini pasta with Bolognese sauce €9.00 €4.50
Busiata corta alla norma
Busiata pasta (with aubergines, tomatoes, garlic, basil) €8.00 €4.00
Cavatelli alla caprese (mozzarella di bufala, pomodori freschi, basilico)
Capri pasta (buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil) €8.00 €4.00
Orecchiette del pastore (con ricotta e pepe nero)
Orecchiette of the shepherd (with ricotta cheese and black pepper) €8.00 €4.00
Maccheroni al prosciutto crudo affumicato siciliano
Maccheroni pasta with Sicilian smoked ham €8.00 €4.00
Gnocchi del goloso (al gorgonzola e peperoni/burro e salvia)
Gnocchi of the greedy (with gorgonzola cheese and bell peppers/butter and sage) €8.50 €4.25
Trofie al pesto fresco fatto in casa con pomodorini e mozzarella di bufala
Trofie pasta with fresh homemade pesto, cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella €9.00 €4.50
Busiata lunga alla trapanese (aglio, pomodoro, mandorla, basilico)
Pasta Trapanese (garlic, tomatoes, almonds, basil) €9.00 €4.50
Risotto al tonno
Risotto with tuna €9.50 €4.75
Risotto ai funghi e scamorza affumicata
Risotto with mushrooms and smoked cheese €9.50 €4.75
Risotto al tartufo e funghi
Risotto with truffles and mushrooms €10.00 €5.00
Maccheroni con pesto di pistacchio
Maccheroni pasta with pistachio pesto €10.00 €5.00
Strozzapreti al tonno
Strozzapreti pasta with tuna €10.00 €5.00
Strozzapreti con funghi
Strozzapreti pasta with mushrooms €10.00 €5.00

Spaghetti al salmone

Spaghetti with salmon

€11.00 €6.00

Spaghetti Carbonara (Guanciale, Tuorlo D’uovo, Pecorino o Grana, Pepe Nero)

Spaghetti Carbonara (Pork guanciale, egg yolk, Pecorino cheese, Grana cheese,  Black Pepper)



Secondi di terra e di mare  (serviti con patate)*
Main courses from land and sea (served with potato chips)*
Fettina di pollo alla griglia**
Grilled chicken breast** €9.90 €4.95
Cotoletta di pollo alla milanese
Milanese chicken cutlet €10.90 €5.45
Cotoletta di maiale alla milanese
Milanese pork cutlet €11.90 €5.95
Cordon bleu
Cordon bleu €12.00 €6.00
Spezzatino con polenta
Stew with polenta €13.00 €6.50
Scaloppina di maiale**
Pork escalope** €13.00 €6.50
Scaloppina di vitello**
Beef escalope** €15.00 €7.50
Saltimbocca alla romana
Roman veal slices with prosciutto ham cooked in white wine €15.90 €7.95
Secondi terra e di mare (serviti con patate)
Main courses from land and sea (served with potato chips)
Grigliata mista di carne (maiale, pollo, manzo, salsiccia)
Mixed grilled meat (pork, chicken, beef, sausage) €19.90 €9.95
Tagliata d’angus alla griglia
Slice of grilled angus €17.90 €9.45
“Rib eye” di vitello alla griglia**
Grilled beef rib eye** €19.90 €9.95
Fish and chips €9.90 €4.95
Polpette di pesce
Fish meatballs €12.00 €6.00
Sautè di cozze e vongole all’arancia
Mussels and clams sautè with orange sauce €12.00 €6.00
Secondi di terra e di mare (serviti con patate)
Main courses from land and sea (served with potato chips)
Calamaro in griglia
Grilled squid €12.00 €6.00
Pesce spada in griglia
Grilled swordfish €15.90 €7.95
Pesce spade all’esilio (tipica salsa di Capoliveri, isola d’Elba)
Swordfish of the exiled (typical sauce of Capoliveri, island Elba) €17.90 €8.95
Tonno alla griglia
Grilled tuna €15.90 €7.95
Tonno  all’esilio (tipica salsa di Capoliveri, isola d’Elba)
Tuna of the exiled (typical sauce of Capoliveri, island Elba) €17.90 €8.95
Gamberoni alla griglia
Grilled king prawns €15.90 €7.95
Gamberoni all’amaretto di saronno e sultanas
King prawns with amaretto and sultana raisins €18.00 €9.00

Terms & Conditions

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  • Each coupon is valid for 1 person, multiple coupons can be purchased
  • A max of 4 coupons can be used on the same table 
  • Coupon can be used any day (6:00pm - 8:00pm) of the week excluding Saturday Dinner, Sunday Lunch or Public Holidays closed thursday
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday: 18.30-20.00
    Tuesday: 18.30-20.00
    Wednesday: 18.30- 20.00
    Friday: 18.30-20.00
    Saturday: 18.30- 20.00
    Sunday:18.30- 20.00
  • Booking using coupon number is required on 21634662 or 99307342
  • This deal is subject to the bill being paid in cash
  • You pay €1 when buying the deal online and 50% off your food bill at Propaganda bistro

Ristorante Propaganda Bistrot
Triq tal-gardiel, Marsascala (MSK 3803)
Contact: 21634662


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